French native, Véronique has traveled and practiced her art of holistic wellbeing in several countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Japan and New Zealand. She lives and works in Australia since 2003. Today she teaches various yoga styles: from dynamic to relaxing and meditative classes to personalized yoga therapy, each session combines posture, breath work and meditation. She also provides Ayurvedic counselling and Wellness Coaching for a healthier lifestyle and is a strong advocate for sustainable and socially responsible development.

She builds her professional expertise on more than 1200 hours of Teacher Training in Yoga with Nicky Knoff in Queensland and in Yogalates with Louise Salomon in Byron Bay. On her inspiring learning journey across Europe, Australia and New Zealand, she worked with some of the best in their field: Donna Fahri, Matthew Sweeney, Simon Borg Olivier, and Shandor Remete. She develops her ayurveda and transcendental meditation practice with a renowned Indian Doctor and continuously improves her knowledge in yoga philosophy and pranayama (breath work).

Before embarking on the path of lifestyle and wellbeing, Véronique brought her competence in marketing and cross-cultural communication to global corporations in a business-to-business environment. She knows how the corporate world can be positively energizing. She also understands the importance of developing employee and customer loyalty through a corporate culture that values work & life balance at all levels of the organization. Thus she has the capacity to offer companies tailored interventions and focused workshops that are in tune with their corporate culture and talent development strategy.

Véronique’s Bio:

  • 2003: Certified Salomon Yogalates Method – 610 hours training
  • 2005: Certified Nicky Knoff Foundation System – 352 hours training
  • 2007: Certified Nicky Knoff Intermediate & Yoga for Pregnancy System – 165 hours training
  • 2008: Certified Nicky Knoff Advanced & Yoga Therapy System  – 165 hours training
  • 2009: Certified Nia white belt
  • 2010: Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, AIAS New Zealand
  • 2011: Certified Antigravity Yoga
  • 2012: Certified Calligraphy Yoga
  • 2013: Senior First Aid

She also extensively trained in Transcendental, Vipassana and mindfulness meditation, Yin Yoga, Ashthanga and Iyengar Yoga with well known teachers.

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