“I have participated in twice weekly private yoga sessions with Veronique for about eighteen months. Veronique has a great gift for patiently and creatively teaching yoga and other skills for optimising wellbeing.The sessions themselves are flexible, fun and a lovely sanctuary away from the busy day, and the benefits extend far beyond the hour in the studio. I have found Veronique to be especially sensitive to how I am feeling, she always adapts the sessions to suit my energy levels or state of mind. She mixes up various types of practices to ensure that the sessions remain lively and interesting. I treasure my special time for yoga with Veronique and wholly recommend her lessons to anyone with even the vaguest curiosity for what yoga can give to them.” Rachel S. Melbourne

“Veronique has been & continues to be an incredible yoga instructor. I can honestly say that she has changed my outlook on life & my ability to manage stress & anxiety in such a positive way. I walk out of my yoga classes with Veronique in a state of bliss. I have practised yoga in the past but never really got to love it, as I have always preferred more active forms of exercise. I look forward to my sessions with Veronique every week. Veronique is a kind, healing & thoughtful person & practices what she preaches.Xx “ Celeste Oehme, Melbourne, Australia.

“I first met with Veronique at her studio eight weeks after being diagnosed and operated on for Pancreatic Cancer. I continued to visit the studio weekly and Veronique began to teach me where to find, and how to reach, my inner peace. She guided me through what was the most traumatic and challenging journey…not just my recovery, but also throughout a six month chemotherapy regime without a break. Veronique taught me how to relax, accept, grow, find my own strength, and most importantly breathe in the good. I became fit again and flexible both in body and mind. There was always a box of tissues and a pot of tea for my most difficult days, but never did I leave any session without a heart full of joy, hope, life and smiles. My soul has healed and my journey with the talented artistry of Veronique Kopf continues.” Barry Burd 51yo Melbourne, Australia.

“A fantastic teacher! Very knowledgeable with a comprehensive understanding regarding the needs of each individual. What she teaches is not just a class, but a life-altering way of changing one’s perception, as well as operating in a way that allows you to achieve your full potential. At first, I approached yoga with a certain degree of apprehension, but under the guidance of Veronique, I have grown to absolutely love it. Thank you!” Mark Rattray, VIC

“Veronique is committed to achieving the best results for her clients.  She is a professional and competent practitioner and yoga coach who walks her talk.  Her strong interest in health and ability listen to her clients symptoms   help her produce successful wellness solutions.”  Wendy Nash, VIC

“Veronique’s classes are like no other I have been to before and I have been to a few yoga classes now.  Her delivery and practice is inspiring, challenging and motivating.” Kathy Vant Foort, VIC

“Veronique gave me the confidence in my body and the trust in my body to reach my goals in Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation. I highly recommend Veronique to Yoga Students wanting to keep themselves fit and challenged within body and soul. Thank you.”
 Anna Mott, VIC”

“I have been practicing yoga with Veronique for about 18 months and its really the highlight of my week. Veronique is the best yoga teacher I have had. I have learnt and progressed so much thanks to having such a great instructor. I can very highly recommend Veronique”  
Jane Dempsey, VIC

Veronique is a positive and highly skilled holistic yoga teacher. She encourages and guides students to meet their full potential with maximum benefit and minimum injury. The icing is that her classes are also fun and invigorating. I highly recommend Veronique!  Cathy Wearne, VIC

“It was a wonderful weekend in every way. The most amazing part was the people, all so nice to be with. Thanks Jayne and Veronique you did an amazing job pampering us.” Carol Keating, Warrandyte, VIC

What they say about the retreat in the Yarra Valley 2nd and 3rd of June 2012…..”I just wanted to say thank you for your time and patience at the weekend. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and reigniting my interest in yoga again. I am planning on seeing what yoga classes/instructors are in the Albury/Wodonga area (or if you can recommend anyone?) so that I can really get back into it. I had a lovely time and for a first retreat, you should be happy and proud as it was in my opinion well thought out, planned and run. PS: My lower back/side is actually feeling better!” Paula Rooney, Albury, VIC

“Veronique is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE yoga teacher! Although, sometimes when I am in one of those poses and she says keep smiling…. No really, she is the best ever, fully knowledgable, keeps the classes interesting and not repetitive. Veronique will keep you on track and after 90 mins of yoga with V you’ll feel AMAZING!!” Liane Hensell, VIC

“As a Yoga teacher Veronique provides motivating and attentive instruction. Her style of instruction demonstrates her passion and her intricate knowledge of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. Her ability to encourage her students to grow and progress is unsurpassed in my observation. In addition Veronique has provided me with guidance on various health issues using ayurvedic methods which have been incredibly helpful. It is with delight that I recommend her.” Priscilla Green, VIC

“With some trepidation I decided to attend two sessions of Beginner Yoga Classes instructed by Veronique. Eight years ago I had fallen whilst riding a bicycle and sprained my wrist. I was convinced that this accident had given me a chronically weak wrist. Also, in recent months, I had begun suffering from arthritis in my fingers.Apart from enjoying these sessions the biggest surprise was that exercising and exerting some pressure on my wrist and fingers was actually beneficial !! I have been thrilled to realise that yoga has physically and psychologically changed so much for me. I’m now inspired to continue practising yoga.” Annabel Mercier, QLD

“I have engaged Veronique on two occasions as a wellbeing and yoga coach. Veronique also demonstrated her skills and knowledge as a ayurvedic practitioner. She was exceptional in her practice and immediately created a safe environment for a student to focus and gain the most from her expertise. Veronique is obviously well educated and exudes professionalism. I highly recommend Veronique and look forward to working together in the future.”  Marie Mercer, NSW

“In the six months I was lucky enough to attend your yoga classes I felt an incredible change in my physical and mental health. As a 37 year old Builder, lifestyle and work have taken their toll however regular practice improved my flexibility, strength and fitness, incredibly I found my digestion also improved. Monday practice motivates me for the week to eat and live well. The mental benefits are feeling more relaxed at home, more focused at work with a greater ability to deal with stress and a general feeling of wellbeing. As a complete novice I found the practice was easy to follow in a very relaxed and friendly environment. Keep up the good work!” Brad Lawrence, VIC

“Looking forward to getting back into yoga classes again. You should know that what you teach is life altering and immensely appreciated.”  Priscilla Green, Melbourne, Australia

Just wanted to let you know that for the last month I have been really struggling to straighten my knees without pain but after yesterday’s session they feel almost new, so thank you, can’t wait for the next week, Love.” Tracy, Melbourne, Australia

“I did several terms of Veronique’s Zen Attitude Yoga and it was the most serious and dynamic yoga work out ever. It never failed to break a sweat and get the heart pumping but was balanced with breathing techniques to create focus and calm as well. Highly recommended!”  Juanita, Melbourne, Australia

“As a teacher of horsemanship and handling horses every day, it’s important that I am flexible, supple, and energised! Since commencing yoga classes with Veronique, I have experienced increased energy levels, greater core strength, and improved suppleness – as well as a more toned physique. In each class I feel challenged and have fun; Veronique is a teacher who is sensitive to the individual needs of each student, and her positive attitude and encouragement makes for an experience that I look forward to – mind, body and soul! “Wrangler Jayne, Yarra Valley,VIC

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your yoga sessions. It is helping me immensely, not only do I feel more supple and relaxed I have also reduced my physio and osteo appointments to virtually nothing. The last visit I had to both they could not believe the improvement in how well aligned my spine had stayed and how much stronger and stable my problem areas have become. This has reduced tension headaches to virtually zero which is something I constantly suffered.” Anita Jackson, Coldstream, VIC

“I found Veronique’s yoga class to have a lovely mix of challenging poses and variety. After just a few weeks I could feel my body was stronger and more balanced. Veronique’s delivery of Shavasana was welcomed after a tough day at work and rigorous yoga session. I would always enjoy a great night’s sleep! I have recommended her class to many of my friends and family”. Gizelle, Melbourne Australia