Next Monday, a new term begins. The perfect opportunity to introduce our new and enhanced web site You will now be able to book your class online, to schedule your appointments and to purchase various items. Zen Attitude is also extending its range of activities and responding more and more to your specific needs.

In addition to dynamic vinyasa yoga public classes, you can now enroll in Antigrativity and Calligraphy yoga classes, book a private Ayurvedic  consultation or organize a tailored one2one or small group yoga session at home. You may also increase you inner balance and awareness through a series of guided meditation sessions.

For corporate clients we have developed special packages to help your workforce to improve concentration and reduce stress while building a healthy and positive working atmosphere.
We believe yoga is for everyone and we prove it by offering special classes to seniors as well as kids. Last but not least, we are working on a series of Masterclasses and Workshops, both in Australia and in Europe for September 2013 and June 2014. More on that soon in our next newsletter.

In the meantime, feel free to surf on the new site and to give us your feedback, as we are still building it up and testing the various functionalities related to online shopping.