Want to reduce bad breath, gum problems and tooth decay? Grab a tongue scraper! While the practice of removing food and bacteria trapped between your taste buds has been recognized and recommended by dentists for half a century, true tongue scraping is a relatively new phenomenon.

In Ayurveda, a traditional medical practice in India, tongue scrapers are used as a digestive aid and for oral health. Tongue scraping or cleaning can help reduce the amount of bacteria on the tongue that causes halitosis, a general term used to describe any disagreeable breath odor, usually originates from the gums and from the furrows on the surface of the tongue.

It is also believed that tongue scrapers can help revitalize a person’s taste buds. This revitalization may actually allow one to enjoy their food more and, consequently, control their urge to overeat

One of the most popular types is a flexible strip that you bow and pull along your tongue. It’s an incredibly simple design with the potential for amazing results. Two or three strokes are usually sufficient. Please note, scraping should be done before brushing your teeth. It’s quick and easy!

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