Project Description

Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga is an intelligent and dynamic approach to Hatha Yoga incorporating a synergistic mix of 5 traditional elements:

  • Yoga Meditation: non-religious.
  • Yoga Breathing: breathing exercises for vitality.
  • Yoga Postures: anatomically aligned, structurally balanced.
  • Yoga Relaxation: how to deal effectively with stress.
  • Yoga Philosophy: positive, uplifting and life affirming.

Beneficial for everyone

It keeps the body flexible while developing strength, with long strong muscles and a full range of movement in the joints. The stretching, squeezing and twisting in the postures helps keep internal organs free of toxins and full of oxygenated blood, while ensuring the lymphatic system is pumped and primed to enhance the immune system.

While the breathing exercises ensures the lungs are full of fresh air to develop vitality, they also help keep the nervous system calm and balanced. Relaxation and meditation techniques are essential to learn how to effectively manage stress, while yoga philosophy helps to put life in a balanced perspective.

A range of practice levels

  • Foundation: the key principles of yoga practice are introduced with basic yoga poses and breathing technique. Emphasis on strengthening and aligning the body. All students start here.
  • Intermediate : focus on breath and movement synchronization as well as more refined alignment principles to enhance flexibility. Headstand will be introduced.
  • Pregnancy: focus on cultivating strength, flexibility and breath awareness for mother-to-be. Yoga is ideal preparation for labour and birth. It is also an excellent way to get back into shape after birth.
  • Advanced: a more advanced syllabus is taught. Only suitable for experienced yogis.


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