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Zen Attitude Corporate Wellness programs are chosen by companies and organisations willing to attract, motivate and reward loyal employees. Workplace health & well-being courses for employees has become critical for business success. From executives to front-line staff, employee well-being impacts productivity and performance. Our holistic approach encompasses all dimensions of an employee’s life helping them to improve their lifestyle behaviours. From managing stress to improving communication and exploring personal growth, employees learn a comprehensive system that creates more effective, more mindful lifestyle including exercise, nutrition, and work-life balance. Zen Attitude offers various types of workplace wellness programs including:

  • One2One Executive Wellness Coaching: We’ll help you find and fill any gaps in your knowledge of your DNA of well-being, identify the areas that drive your energy and performance, help you construct your vision and plan, and then navigate the path to get there. Our Executive Wellness Coaching Program integrates the personal, interpersonal, physical and spiritual aspects of each individual.
  • Corporate Yoga Program: Our 12-weeks Corporate Yoga program will contribute to a healthy and positive workplace, while reducing sickness, reviving the mind and boosting  your productivity.
  • Mindfulness Program: Our 12-weeks Corporate Mindfulness program will increase workforce engagement & creativity and increase employees stress resilience.
  • Wellness Workshops & Seminars: Our workshops include Fitness & Nutrition, Lifestyle Education and Personal Development courses. These workshops are perfect for on-site lunch-and-learns or to provide as an employee incentive after work.
  • We can also assist you and implement your Comprehensive Wellness Program for you


If you are aiming high in terms of corporate performance while seeking at the same time:

  • Less stress and tension in the workplace
  • Positive thinking and healthy postures
  • Improved focus and energy levels
  • Staff loyalty and team unity
  • Overall harmony and wellbeing…

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