Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.55.13 PMMindfulness, the intentional cultivation of moment-to-moment awareness, is both the gateway to living in balance and one of the most swiftly global trend. According to JWT Worldwide, one of the largest marketing communications companies, “Mindfulness” is one of the top ten trends that will shape the world in 2014 – and beyond. In its February 3, 2014 issue, Time magazine affirmed this growing trend in its cover article titled, “Mindful Revolution”

In our 12-weeks Corporate Mindfulness program, participants discover simple but empowering tools and learn breathing and meditation techniques that will optimise their health and peace of mind.

Session at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Mindfulness has been demonstrated to:

  • Improve focus, concentration, and precision
  • Enhance the quality of communications and relationship
  • Heighten the clarity of our thinking and intentions
  • Improve efficiency and safety
  • Deepen peace of mind and sense of flow
  • Master stress
  • Increase resilience to change
  • Improve teamwork
  • Strengthen self-confidence
  • Strengthen selflessness.

And… a wealth of clinical studies confirm that mindfulness training can lower cortisol levels and blood pressure associated with stress and anxiety, increase immune response, affect gene expression, increase pain tolerance, promote wound healing and  enhance empathy and compassion.

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