_YCP9867Some of you may have noticed… I am French! and sometimes I miss my country and its wonderful, although complex, language. Hence the idea of mixing my passion for Yoga and my French DNA to offer you a unique experience.

Starting June 18th, you will have an opportunity to practice yoga and, at the same time, to learn or improve your French!

Beginners and French culture fans from all walks of life are welcome and especially Melbourne readers of My French Life.

You will enjoy a 60 mn bilingual yoga session, joyfully mixing French and English, followed by 30 mn of French conversation around a cup of famous French Mariage Frères tea. All this in the new and welcoming setting of our exclusive studio at 66 Dixon Street in Malvern. Cosyness and happy networking included.

Without compromising on the quality of your yoga practice, let’s have fun together in French! A special offer you cannot miss! Check-in today!

PS: Do you recognize the French city that is featured above this article? Non, pas la Tour Eiffel, that would be too easy. Some hints: it has a lake, it is close to Switzerland, its name starts with A and finishes with Y… so, you found it? Little gift offered after the yoga session to the ones who got the answer :-)

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