During Winter the earth’s energy is withdrawn back into herself. It is a time of rest, storing and preparation. Rest from the bounty of the Autumnal harvest and preparation for the vitality of the coming Spring. This is a time of being grounded, internalised and still. The weather is often cold, wet, cloudy and heavy and is dominated by the water element. These are all qualities that aggravate kapha; remember that kapha means ‘that which flourishes in water’. Because of the Ayurvedic rule that ‘like attracts like’ the cold, wet and heavy qualities of kapha are exacerbated by the similar nature of the climate. As vata is also aggravated by cold, people with imbalances in vata can also suffer challenges to their health in winter. Here are some Ayurvedic and yogic perspectives on staying healthy and warm throughout the winter.

Recommended winter Routine:

• Sleeping late is fine in winter. Rise at 7am
• Drink a cup of warm water with lemon. This relaxes the digestive system, enkindles the appetite and encourages a healthy bowel motion.
• Your Winter diet should consist of warm foods that are mildly spicy, slightly salty and nourishing. Your diet should clear kapha but not aggravate vata. The digestive fire is usually stronger in winter as the cooler weather constricts the surface of the body and pushes the heat back in to the centre of the digestive system.
• Lunch and supper should be wholesome meals avoiding too many cold, wet and damp foods that are excessively sweet or from the fridge or freezer. Barley is one of the best grains for kapha as it gently clears fluids from the body and can help clear sluggish digestion. Drink spicy teas throughout the day.
• If you are easily disturbed by the cold, wet and heavy qualities of Winter then you may benefit from taking Trikatu. This is a mixture of ginger, black pepper and long pepper and it will blow away any colds, coughs, poor circulation and nasal drips.
• After a day of hard work settle in for a relaxing evening. Ayurveda suggests that an occasional glass of dry and warming wine may be beneficial in the winter to encourage circulation and stimulate digestion. Then it is off to bed with a delicious glass of hot spicy milk. Nutmeg is a very calming herb that promotes sound sleep and can be added to your milk.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down. Indulge in some heavenly Ayurvedic treatments and feel warmer, more relaxed, and healthier than ever. Massage therapy is known to boost your immune system. Studies show that regular massage therapy can boost the body’s number of “killer cells”, making it easier to fight off the many communicable diseases that float around in the Winter months. Regular Ayurvedic Massage treatment help to relieve stress and tension and is perfect way to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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