The Harvard Medical School found that the relaxation response – the state of calm produced by meditation, yoga and breathing exercises –  actually switched on genes that are related to augmenting our immune system, reducing inflammation, and fighting a range of conditions from arthritis to high blood pressure to diabetes

Zen Attitude One2One Executive Wellness Coaching is chosen by companies and organisations willing to attract, motivate and reward loyal employees. Workplace health & well-being courses for employees has become critical for business success. From executives to front-line staff, employee well-being impacts productivity and performance. Our holistic approach encompasses all dimensions of an employee’s life helping them to improve their lifestyle behaviours. From managing stress to improving communication and exploring personal growth, employees learn a comprehensive system that creates more effective, more mindful lifestyle including exercise, nutrition, and work-life balance.

We coach leaders to optimize their energy  for sustainable high performance

Why work with us: 

  • To develop and sustain a lifestyle that supports optimal health, wellbeing & performance.
  • To assess your wellness by looking at all aspects of your life, 360 degrees. Our Executive Wellness Journey integrates the personal, interpersonal, physical and spiritual aspects.
  • To help you understand your DNA of well-being, identify the areas that drive your energy and performance, help you construct your action plan, and navigate the path to get there.
  • To minimize stress and negative emotions that lead you and your team or employees to engage in unhealthy behaviors. Reducing toxic stress improves focus, creativity, strategic thinking, and resilience.


If you are aiming high in terms of corporate performance while seeking at the same time:

  • Increased Leadership, Engagement & Creativity
  • Increased Workforce Productivity
  • Decreased Illness & Absenteeism
  • Decreased Attrition
  • Higher Profits
  • Increased Social Responsibility.

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