“I have participated in twice weekly private yoga sessions with Veronique for about eighteen months. Veronique has a great gift for patiently and creatively teaching yoga and other skills for optimizing wellbeing. The sessions themselves are flexible, fun and a lovely sanctuary away from the busy day, and the benefits extend far beyond the hour in the studio. I have found Veronique to be especially sensitive to how I am feeling, she always adapts the sessions to suit my energy levels or state of mind. She mixes up various types of practices to ensure that the sessions remain lively and interesting. I treasure my special time for yoga with Veronique and wholly recommend her to anyone with even the vaguest curiosity for what yoga & meditation can give to them.” Rachel S. Melbourne

Lunch time corporate Yoga at PricewaterhouseCoopers.
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Our 12-weeks Corporate Yoga Program will contribute to a healthy and positive workplace, while reducing sickness, reviving the mind and boosting your productivity.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation:

  • Less stress and tension in the workplace
  • Positive thinking and healthy postures
  • Improved focus and energy levels
  • Staff loyalty and team unity
  • Overall harmony and wellbeing…


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12-Weeks Yoga Program

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