So here we are, Christmas and New Year are already memories, but how come we cannot fit in our summer jeans as easily as before? Hmmm… something has to be done, now! Another Good Resolution of the New Year? What about setting yourself today a goal for end of March… step by step… getting back in shape and changing your lifestyle habits for good? Just register no later than the 10th of February.

You have heard about the 30-Days challenge, the current buzzword in many places. Your best friend did it, you read about it…you are ready for a try! Zen Attitude has different approach. We offer you an experience that will help you change your daily routine while at the same time learning how to implement change in a sustainable way.

30 steps to personal transformation 

At Zen Attitude we blend Ayurvedic wisdom with Aromatherapy, personalized Yoga practice and meditation. Hence, your program will be rich of new knowledge, improved understanding of your lifestyle habits and their impact on your health. Your body needs your attention and patience to learn a new healthy habit, we will guide you on this journey. And to make it fun and motivating, you will do it with a small group of likeminded people.

Program overview

During 4 weeks, you will practice yoga, once a day, except on Sundays, at 6:00 AM in our studio in Malvern. This time slot is crucial to waken up your body and mind to a new routine. During our hot summer in Melbourne it is also the best temperature for your practice. And, you will see, getting up for this personal adventure so early in the morning will be your only sacrifice :-). We will enhance your experience through a weekly theme such as Ayurveda or Aromatherapy.

Each Saturday, the small group will gather at Zen Attitude around a green smoothy, having the opportunity to share experience, tips and healthy recipes. You will learn to make green smoothies which are good for your body and tasteful. Every coming Saturday you’ll discover a new mix.

First you will need to know yourself better, understand which Dosha (body constitution) is at the core of your being. To do so, you will benefit from a private Ayurvedic consultation: plan 1 to 2 hours to investigate your profile and assess your imbalances. You will receive your personalized feedback by email within 48 hours. Based on these fundamental elements, we will co-create your individual journey to transformation and recommend you a personalized detox.

W1 – Ayurveda

During week 1 we will go through all the various Doshas, you will learn about your strong points and your imbalances, discover how and when you can make best progress in your daily yoga practice.

We will focus on breathing (pranayama) and identify your personal challenges. You will learn how to synchronise the breath with the movement.

W2 – Aromatherapy

Essential oils are both an olfactive pleasure and a natural remedy for many health issues. We partner with Doterra since many years; their selection is both rich in diversity and quality proof.  You will learn how to make best use of essential oils, how to introduce them in your day-to-day lifestyle:  in your medical cabinet and, surprisingly, even in your home cleaning products.

During this week, your yoga practice will improve steadily, new postures will be introduced and you will work mainly on your body alignment.

W3 – Meditation

Whether you have a stressful life or you just want to dig deeper in your self awareness and personal well-being, meditation offers many routes to  peace and mindfulness. You will explore the various stages and methods and practice with us daily. You will feel aligned, balanced and grounded, light weighted and compassionate.

Your yoga practice is becoming stronger and you definitively will start noticing changes in your flexibility and your state of mind. Deeper inversions and backbends will be introduced.

W4 – Designing your own practice

The last week of your journey will have the touch and feel of gratitude and sense of personal achievement. You have been guided on the path of personal transformation, opening to a whole new lifestyle ahead of you. Your next frontier will be to go beyond learning and experimenting in class: you will craft your own follow-up program into a sustainable routine. We will help you in designing your individual practice and setting your next milestones.

In this last week, we will go over all the postures, breathing and meditations techniques taught and discuss how to create a balanced and safe home practice.

Goodies for you

As a welcome gift, we have prepared an introductory kit of tips, tools and techniques to be given to each participant on the first day.

Based on your Ayurvedic assessment, you will receive a set of herbs to help you enhance your detox experience.

Step by step you will receive additional information on your journey and content rich reading material to download from your personal web page (a password protected page on

Through your subscription to our online newsletter, you will also be regularly informed about our upcoming events, the next one being a Wellbeing Retreat in France scheduled early June.

When and how much? 

30 Steps to Personal Transformation will offer you:

  • Last week of February  – Ayurvedic consultation (to be booked asap)
  • From the 1st to 30th March – 6:00 AM, every day, except Sundays, yoga practice
  • Weekly recommended home practice
  • Nutrition advice and green smoothies recipes
  • Personal Ayurvedic assessment and recommendations
  • Starter kit “Herbs & Oils” and more…
  • Online documentation and reading material
  • Participating in weekly discussions with the group

Your investment : $ 1 150

Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss about the program.